HOPE: Healing Opportunities through Prevention and Education HOPE Project’s mission is to identify, prevent, protect and empower youth struggling with: addictions, like smoking, drugs, alcohol, gaming and substance abuse; behavioural challenges, like anger management and gambling; and mental health issues, like depression and attention deficit disorders. The Project treats every youth client with dignity and confidentiality. It recognizes the challenges the youth are facing today and intends to assist them in overcoming these challenges by creating a safe, confidential and dignified space.

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Our communities have been contributing to different sectors in Canada for many years. However, in our communities, particularly the youth, are simultaneously facing increasing challenges from addictions, behavioural challenges and mental health issues.

Noticeable generational, cultural and communication gaps between the older and younger generations means countless families—parents, spouses and elders are struggling to come to terms with this problem in their midst. It is not uncommon for parents to be completely unaware of their children’s drug addiction. Further compounding this problem, alcohol, drugs, gambling and substance abuses are social taboos in some communities, and those struggling with such challenges are consistently stigmatized among community members. There is thus a significant absence of safe space, and institutionalized projects, that particularly address youths.