ASPIRE Caseworker
The ASPIRE Program aims to help clients meet their goals by pairing them with a volunteer ASPIRE Caseworker who will connect them with already available community resources.

This program is designed to tackle the underlying issues that lead people to require food bank services in the first place. By acting as liaisons between clients and readily available resources in Metro Vancouver, ASPIRE Caseworkers will empower clients as they navigate their way to a brighter future.

ASPIRE Caseworkers will undergo essential training and skills-building that will equip them with the ability and confidence to provide the required level of support.

Volunteer Tasks and Responsibilities:
Caseworkers will receive training to best address client needs. As such, tasks and responsibilities will likely vary from client to client. Below are examples of areas that you may be required to focus on.

  • Direct meetings/phone calls with your client
  • Any supervision support you need (which is usually via email or phone)
  • A monthly caseworker meeting (on a Tuesday evening in Surrey)
  • Attendance at collection days, as needed (on a Saturday morning)
  • Helping clients improve their resume and job search skills
  • Exploring career development and planning opportunities
  • Searching for ESL and other skills development courses
  • Ensuring the mental and physical needs of clients are met
  • Assisting in obtaining low-income housing
  • Identifying mentorship resources for Clients’ children
  • Integrating with Muslim Communities and providing networking opportunities
  • Providing translation services and helping clients navigate through systems they are unfamiliar with

Volunteer Locations:
We do our best to match you with a client close to where you live or work, but you may be asked to travel, for example to Surrey to meet your client at the Food Bank or to another area depending on where they live and the other caseworkers available.

Time Commitment:

ASPIRE Caseworkers are required to commit 1-2 hours a week or 4-5 hours a month, for a 6 month minimum commitment. The program is quite flexible and you have to the ability to determine most of your hours. A mandatory monthly caseworker meeting is on a Tuesday evening in Surrey. And every so often you are invited to attend collection days on a Saturday morning.

Volunteer Benefits:

This position is ideal for someone looking to build upon their experience in the non-profit sector in the fields of community support, counseling and social work.

Through the training provided and working in the ASPIRE Caseworker program, you will gain knowledge and skills that will assist you in your personal life and career progression. It will help you in getting into post-secondary institutions and employment and will also increase your network and social contacts as you meet people from all walks of life. You will also develop long lasting confidence, leadership, responsibility and communication skills through this role.

Upon request, you will receive a reference letter and/or a certificate for participation in the program.

To Apply:

  1. If you have not already done so, ensure you are on our volunteer database by filling out the Volunteer Application Form.
  2. Send an email to with “ASPIRE Caseworker” in the Subject line, including your address and requesting that you be sent a form for a Request for criminal record check (CRC)
  3. Take the completed form along with 2 pieces of ID to your nearest RCMP and the check will be completed at no charge to you
  4. Return the form to the address on the form and you will be contacted by the coordinator of the program in order to assist you further.