Awareness Volunteer
Are you interested in immense reward from Allah (SWT) and volunteer opportunities conveniently located in your proximity? Then we have some goods news for you!

The Muslim Food Bank is looking for you to serve as an Awareness Support Volunteer! Your primary volunteer duties will entail working in a team at your local Masjid to distribute informational material relating to Muslim Food Bank services. You may be required to answer some questions about the Muslim Food Bank and be able to direct individuals to the website and phone contacts when necessary.

Volunteer Locations:
We are currently looking for Volunteers to assist in all masjids with emphasis on Richmond Jamea Mosque and Masjid Al Haqq in Vancouver. Please indicate all Masjids you are willing to volunteer at.

Volunteer Tasks and Responsibilities:
Your team will be provided with a folding table, business cards, banner, brochures and other important material to set up before Jumuah and distribute following the Salat. Your team will be responsible for the transport of this material to and from one of our Muslim Food Bank Offices (Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey)

Time Commitment:
This volunteer position requires availability 30 minutes before and after Jumuah Salat (1 hour total). You must be available at least one Jumuah a month. You must communicate any cancellations or changes to your availability at least one week before your shift.

Volunteer Benefits:
This is an excellent opportunity to gain Ajr as you serve humanity and inform others about programs that can potentially change your fellow brother’s or sister’s life! You will also develop confidence, leadership, responsibility and communication skills through this role.

Your hours will be documented and references can be provided upon request.

To Apply:
If you have not already done so, ensure you are on our volunteer database by filling out the Volunteer Application Form. Then contact us for more information about this volunteer opportunity.