Table Spread Volunteer
The Table Spread Volunteer assists at this monthly project that aims to distribute lunches to homeless individuals in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

The Table Spread project recognizes that Vancouver’s DTES is known for its high prevalence of poverty and homelessness, and so the project strives to provide, at the very least, meals for such individuals.

Tasks / Responsibilities:
Your role as a volunteer will entail working with a team to prepare 300-400 lunch bags that include items such as sandwiches, soup, bananas, granola bars, etc. and distributing these lunch bags in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

Volunteers will meet at Oppenheimer Park for preparation and distribution. See Upcoming Events for details about the next planned Table Spread event.

Time Commitment:
This volunteer position requires 3-4 hours for lunch bag preparation and an additional 1-2 hours for distribution. Table Spread events will occur once a month on a weekend.

Volunteer Benefits:
You will develop confidence, leadership, responsibility and communication skills through this role. In addition you will develop a sense of appreciation and a broader perspective on life.

Your hours will be documented and references can be provided upon request.

To Apply:
If you have not already done so, ensure you are on our volunteer database by filling out the Volunteer Application Form. Then contact us for more information about this volunteer opportunity.